I went to A.N.T. just for an hour's trial flight 'joyride' around the Lake District, but it didn't end there. I enjoyed it so much I decided to study for a private pilot's licence. Blackpool is probably the most picturesque place in the UK to fly from. There's Morecambe Bay and the Lake District to the north, the Yorkshire Dales to the east and Snowdonia to the south. It's a long way from home for me, but after looking at other flying schools, A.N.T. stood head and shoulders above the others so I signed up. It is a great, family business, very helpful and professional. There are lots of people to chat to at the club at every stage in flying, from fellow students to professional pilot's it is very informal and welcoming. They are also a maintenance company so the aircraft are always in top condition. I got my licence last year and went on to do my night rating over the winter. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Steve H. (Bradford)